Stimming ft. Lazarusman - Change (Original Mix)

People do the same things and expect change
They sing the same songs throw the same stones down the same road & see the same ppl & expect change
People eat the same food and jump out of the same airplane & shoot the same guy they shot last week in their dreams and nightmares & expect change
Change is a construct its an institution you are institutionalized into to find change….but its all the same.

An indifference that cant be seen whether the sky is blue or pink so the water would be blue & pink.If the sky was pink i would be eating chocolate waffles and walking down my merry-go-round world to only find kisses of the blue rainbow.

So people throw the same things into the same bags and walk down the same paths their fathers have because they believe they will find change through truth.
Nothing is gonna change in your life unless you stand up and pick up yourself and put yourself in positions where change in favorable, not just circumstantial.

I wanna change
I wanna change the universe one start at the time
I wanna change that beautiful girl won pretty look at the time
I wanna change every blunt once at the time
I wanna…. change… you….with songs of the Truth.

So don’t walk down the same road to expect change, don’t say the same things to expect change, don’t say I am right and you are wrong, we are wrong together, to only to find righteousness in the truths of my lies.
We are unchanged, yet indifferent..

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